Natascha Renner

Born in 1974 in the Chuvash Republic of Russia. Academic Internship with an emphasis on Art. Positioned as Decorator and Stage Design Assistant in Chuvash, Russia. 2009-2013 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna under the Mentorship of Prof. Gunter Damisch. Diploma 2013.

Lives and works in Vienna.


2016 – xposit zwei sechzehn, „sowohl ans auch“

2016 – Loft 8, „change of shift“

2015 – Kultur Axe,“Growing Bridges

2013 – Loft 8, Kunstraum, In Contact Movement and Drawings

2011 – Museum in Progress, Games, The Standard Issue 20.07.2011

2011 – For Whom the Bells Toll, Gunter Damisch and his students, The City Museum of St.Pölten

2011 – Female in Progress, Grünspan Platform for Art und Culture in Drautal